December 6, 2021

5 Tiny House Uses For Students, Seniors & More!

Recreational Vehicles are used primarily for travel and part time living, but Tiny House RVs are a special breed. Each one is personalized, not only in style but also in purpose. I like to think of my Tumbleweed as the perfect lifestyle accessory, one that will evolve and transform with my passions and needs. Below I’ve listed five unique Tiny House uses, but there is no limit to what you can do!

5 Unique Ways to Use a Tiny House

1). Student Housing

College students around the country are spending tens of thousands of dollars on housing. Some even need to take out hefty student loans to cover the cost. But several savvy youths have found a clever alternative: towing a Tiny House RV to a nearby campground. Not only does this solution provide a comfortable and private housing alternative, it also teaches students a powerful lesson on home ownership.

They’re doing it, why not you?

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2). Granny Pods

Senior living facilities can be extremely expensive, forcing many to live on welfare. Some seniors are starting to downsize to Tiny House RVs to save money and live a more simplistic lifestyle. These backyard “Granny Pods” are typically parked on a family property, allowing Grandma or Grandpa privacy with the support and assistance of loved ones.

They’re doing it, why not you?

3). Vacation Rental

Looking for an affordable vacation home that will also earn you extra income? You can park your Tumbleweed at one of these Tiny House Hotel locations and rent it out when you’re not using it!

They’re doing it, why not you?

  • Couple orders 2nd Tumbleweed to Use as a Vacation Rental

4). Mobile Business

Several Tiny House RV owners are redesigning their small spaces to be mobile businesses, such as coffee shops, hair salons, or food trucks. These adorable dwellings are real eye-catchers. They practically market themselves!

They’re doing it, why not you?

5). Art Studio or Office Space

If you work from home, you know it can be difficult to separate your personal and professional life. Many entrepreneurs are using Tumbleweeds as a studio or office space, parking it a few miles from their residence or even in their backyard. Create a unique Tiny House RV that motivates, inspires, and increases your productivity!

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