December 6, 2021

Why I chose the tiny house lifestyle

It was about three weeks and 800 miles into the bicycle tour when I realized that I wanted to build a tiny house. My cousin Dan and I had arrived in the sleepy beach town of Yachats, Oregon, on his birthday without much by way of a plan.

We ended up chatting with Steven at a local cafe after he covered a new Arcade Fire song for open mic night. After realizing we had a lot in common, Steven invited us to camp at his house and even offered a bonfire if we could bring some dry wood.

After a somewhat arduous nine mile ride uphill with a bundle of firewood strapped to my bike, we arrived at an even steeper driveway- so steep that we had to walk our bikes to the top. But when we got there, it was all worth it. Steven had converted a tool shed into a cozy tiny house, complete with a sleeping loft and kitchen. There was also an enchanting outdoor living room with a wood sculpted counter top, benches, and fire pit.

My mind was racing. When I put it all together—how much it cost to build and live there, and what that meant for Steven’s lifestyle—I was sold on tiny houses. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the only tiny house where Dan and I crashed on our bicycle tour, but it left the biggest impression on me. And while my own tiny house is much, much different than Steven’s, the tiny house lifestyle in which we both participate is an experience that we share.

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